As per lesson 2-10 I can find no tab marked 'Activity" on my dashboard. Is that maybe on an older platform?

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WWei Premium
That's indeed from the old platform. You see the numbers below your photo? They tell you your rankings in WA; the number of blog post you published here in WA and the number of members in your network.

These numbers are clickable. If you click the number under 'Rank', you will be redirect to the Ranking & Statistic page.
feigner Premium
that was on the old platform
if you go to the dashboard to the left
and then scroll down you will find a section called questions
or you can click on the pin at the top of the dashboard and have it at the top permamently so you can see the questions asked easily.
have fun
DarioL Premium
Are you looking for your activity number that affects your rank?

Click on the rank number under your profile picture and name in the left sidebar.

Then you will see activity, it's the third graph from the left.