Hi Friends,

When I started building my website, I went through all the thousands (most of them!) WordPress templates and saved what I liked as Favourites.

But, now that I'm in my WordPress account and want to add a new theme, none of them are saved there. Do you know how I can go back into the library of WP Theme templates, AND bring the saved favourites into my WP account to use?

Thanks for your help!

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DSharp Premium
Hello Joanne

You can go to your site manager > build a new website (blue button in upper right corner) > on a free domain > and then you will be able to see your favorites, you will then have to copy the theme name and then go to your wp site and find the theme in the wp theme search.

I hope this helps

Have a Great Day
Joanne-G Premium
Thanks for the info. I also realized later that while in WP, there's a place I can import my favourites with my WA WP login password, but it doesn't pull them in. So, I found that by clicking the ADD button inside my WP account, I can access the library and start my search all over again, and install (not activate), to add them to my library.

This is duplicating my hours of effort to searching Themes, so I wonder if this is mentioned somewhere up front and I missed it??

Thanks again for your help! :-)