Hello everyone. Im still getting used to W.A,s changes,. Im finding the site more difficult to navigate now. Anyway, Jays live events have disappeared. I cannot seem to find the old ones. Do we need to pay extra for this now, or have they been taken off the website? Thankyou for any help.

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Dadaz123 Premium
Hi Doug,
You are not the only one asking for Jay's Friday webinars. The new look Wealthy Affiliate interface takes some getting used to.
Just click on classes on the top menu of the WA, scroll down until you find Jay. I bet you can't miss him. You will find both his past and current webinars.
You can register for his current webinar if you so desire. I hope this helps.
JeffreyBrown Premium
It takes a little getting used to, Doug, but you will get the hang of it!

JerryMcCoy Premium
Open WA look for the classes tab>calendar>view>subscribe. I hope this helps.
doug48 Premium
Thanks Jerry, but i cannot find the live events dating back to 2013. You used to be able to scroll down to this date. Now you can only scroll down ro 2020, but i will try your suggestion, and maybe the calander can help. Thanks again. If im not following you, i am now.
JoeRebisz Premium
They are in the classes tab at the top.