I have a good idea WHAT they are But WHEN they are is the Question ? I have pages on my site that have a "Leave a Reply" at the bottom so I Do Not believe they are static. I know posts have a comments section at the bottom in my theme Twentythirteen......................................................................My Question is basic. Should we just use a Post for our landing page only or make other posts too? Secondly, If I see the interaction I have with my Pages and the option of placing a reply or comment then why do we need posts ? Just Sayin .......Scotty B ♫
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judebanks Premium
You can turn comments off on pages, if you wish.

It depends on the site's purpose but the general recommendation is to have only 3 to 4 pages of static content (pages that you will only occasionally change or update).

The remaining content will be way of blog posts, which the search engines see as dynamic content and will crawl your site each time you add a new post.

Therefore,as a general guide, 10-15% static pages; 85-90% dynamic blogroll. ~Jude
grampamike Premium
My pages are for static information I want my readers to view like "about me, privacy policy, site map if you use one. Things like that. Posts are for articles I write for my viewers.

Pages normally appear in your top navigation bar. Posts appear in a side widget like categories, archives, or recent posts.

Comments sections show on all my pages and posts because I'm too lazy to get rid of them on my pages.
KayWinkler Premium
Hi Scotty!

I will try to explain in my words, how I understand it.
Pages are my main topics I want to write about, or that just "have to be" on a website like "Impressum", "Contact", "About Us", "What This Website Is All About",... These are topics I want my visitors to stumble across when they got to my website through my keyword-optimized posts. For example I use pages for talking about my main money making ideas, one of which is Wealthy Affiliate for instance

With pots its different. I categorize my posts into some of the main topics (post categories) I want to talk/write about on my website. All of them of course relate in some way to my main topics I discuss on my pages, right? When people come to my website, they should in a way be tempted to even click on that page title, because they feel like having to have the information - accomplished by the style I use in my posts.

You can determine where your posts should appear on your website, usually thats your homepage or a page that you name "blog" to let your posts appear in chronolocial order (wordpress does that ordering by default). You have to configure a page to be the showcase for your posts (please use the searchbar here at Wealthy Affiliate). You categorize your posts into some interesting topics, so people also can find an interesting post by searching your category topics in your widgets area for example.

I dont know, if you get me, or if even I understood everything I wrote here ;oD Sorry, its just an attempt of help here...

Maybe this training also helps: Have a great day,
Kay ;o)