Just wondering if anyone from the UK can give me a bit of advice about registering with the 'tax man'. I've only really just started out and am still developing my website so I'm not earning as yet but AWIN have asked me to complete my tax details in order to get paid and I'm not really sure what kind of details they need. I've been on the HMRC website to register as self employed but because I've no earnings yet, it starts to get a bit confusing. Any help or advice would be very gratefully received. Thanks.

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AdrianKiter Premium
Hi Tina,

If you register now they'll want you to complete a tax return by next January, which isn't too complicated - I do mine online myself.

But, as Dale says, you don't need to until you have enough earnings to need to pay tax.

And don't forget that any expenses, such as subscriptions to WA, buying computers, a proportion of your utility bills are all offset against income, so keep a record of anything you spend in relation to your business.

All you need for registering with Awin is your UTR (Unique Tax Reference) which should be on your P60 or P45, and maybe your NI number.

All they really need to know is that you aren't a US citizen or subject to US tax.
TinaHoggard1 Premium
Thank you all for the advice. Much appreciated.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
You need to find an accountant or a qualified figures person if they call them something else where you live first. There are no in earnings to declare until you have earnings so this point you would be jumping the gun if you have just started
dkohara Premium
What Dale said is good advice. Also, you are allowed to earn £1,000 per annum as an individual before you need to declare anything to anyone. This can include affiliate earnings, ebay sales, adsense commissions, anything personal like that. It’s an additional allowance to your personal allowance.
Dale123 Premium Plus
You *need* to register when you are due to declare earnings, but if you haven't earned anything there's nothing to declare. You can optionally register if you believe there may be a tax benefit, but you should seek the assistance of a qualified accountant if you wish to go down that route.