When can I start earning money?

How many times have you heard or seen someone asking this question not just here but other places online and in the real world as well?

What was your answer to them?

If you weren't the one who answered them, what did you see or hear others answer?

Did you agree with the answer?

If not then did you respond with your thoughts?

I, myself feel that the response should be that it depends......

Depends on what?

Depends on so many factors:

  • How motivated are you to earn?
  • How motivated are you to learn?
  • What are you promoting?
  • Do you have a mentor that you are learning from?
  • Are you willing to do what it takes?

Have you noticed a common theme from the above?

Yes, it's YOU!

The most important answer to the question of earning is YOU!

Don't listen to anyone who tries to place limits upon you, many do this without even realizing it because it's their reality. Don't allow it to be yours!

Am I saying that it's all easy and pie in the sky good?

Not even close!

What I am saying is that YOU are the variable that matters most!

Do You agree, disagree or have anything to add?

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newmarketpro Premium
I would normally throw back the question to them as there is no definite answer to that question. You are right : 'YOU' are the variable.

It is very subjective question!

1. Firstly, Do you know how to earn money online?
2. If not, do you have anybody to show you how to do it?
3. Are you willing to learn to start earning? coz there is no such thing you can earn money right away from this platform. It's not a lottery scheme.

The determinant is YOU. And there are a lot of other things contributing to the results you will get.

Right mind
Right training
Right Community
Right Support system
(I am promoting WA - LOL)

Pen off now.

Charlesplay Premium
I would agree that the common denominator is YOU. I am also on the discovery path to earning my first $1. Yes there are a mountain of other factors mentioned by others in the WA community, but that aside I believe it will be whatever motivates the SELF.

"The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down"
manne13666 Premium
This definitely sounds right. I believe that the most important factor in all of it is how passionate you are about your niche. If you love doing it, then it turns into more than just a way to make money. It becomes something that you want to spend time on, which will grow your website. You'll write engaging content that people will want to read. Yes, follow the training to maximize the people coming to your site, but definitely find something that you love to do.

You are correct. It's all about YOU.

Take care.
WilsonLee Premium
There are so many factors that go into someone's potential success in any field.
In internet marketing, for example, individual vary in that they have different levels of skill in:
1. Writing and communication
2. Keyword and market research
3. Design skills
4. Networking and people skills
And more...
Any of one these skill areas night take a while to master and some of them might already be a strength, but it is all about the individual. Depending on which skills need to be learned, result times will vary.
It is all about YOU, like you said.
FTurner8032 Premium
I have answered many with essentially the same thing. It is really all about each of us. We are all different, have different goals and different work ethics. Having said that, the platform here is incredible, the information here is top notch, so it boils down to us.

If we are able to learn, work hard, stay determined and NEVER give up then you will have a good chance of making it.