What would be the most important or profitable question you could have answered about being successful with your online business?

Would it be how to get more traffic?

Or, would it be how to get 'Them' to read your stuff?

Or, would it be how to get 'Them' to say "Yes"?

Or, would it be something else?

What would you most like to know?

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NemiraB Premium
How to keep myself motivated.
wb5yjs Premium
You may find some motivation at my website:

NemiraB Premium
Thank you, maybe I will find something working for me:)
Baldykev Premium
Interesting question indeed!
*If you just need numbers for a low conversion site then it would be traffic
*If you need "authority" within your niche then it would be to read your stuff
* If you want them to say "yes" you need the authority and/or an amazing deal

The internet is full of affiliate site/authority figures. So the most important question for me would be how to establish "Credibility"

There are a lot of people now giving courses/e-books etc for free to try and establish their "Credibility" within the new stream of people looking at Affiliate Marketing.- I wonder why?
wb5yjs Premium
I am really just trying to build a list of people's most pressing questions.

I gave those 3 examples to get people started & wanted them to add to the list.

So, I guess your addition would be 'How-To-Build-Credibility'. That's a good one.

Two other good ones I've received are:
"What would you like to have more of in your life?"
"What would you like to have less of in your life?"

I read your Profile and am not sure what you are searching for.

Take a look at the Website I am building & please give me your thoughts. I think there may be some helpful IDEAS there for you.

It is at: http://wikibusinesspro.com

Another 'BEST QUESTION' is the one I have for you… right-now:

"How can I help you?"

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