Im having difficulty deciding what to put on the home page,any ideas,?
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GazFinch Premium
Hi Ashley,
Firstly it's nice to meet you,and thank you for answering my question.
I understand about the home page a whole lot more with your help.

I have only just started my website,and it really isn't much to look at.
I have yet to add my "about me" page,but i am working on it.

I loved your website by the way,you obviously know your way around wordpress.

One last thing,thank you for the "follow" i have returned the favour and i am now following you.

my best wishes to you in your business,

Asher1922 Premium
Thanks so much Gaz! I'll be checking in on you, keep up the good work and let's stay connected!
Asher1922 Premium
Hi Gaz!

I'm delighted to answer your question! In my experience, the home page for lots of themes are floating or smart pages, which means that as you add blog posts to your site, the home page will reflect small snippets of each one.

If you've chosen to use a static homepage, you may have the option to design that page however you'd like! Depending on your topic you might want to look into adding some widgets that are relevant to your site (i.e. a large photo gallery of all your products or relevant photos), or a very nice welcome message to your audience could suffice!

Whatever you do, try your best to make it visually pleasing to the audience and it should be fine! sn: add your domain name to this post so that others can visit. This will make it easier for us to help give you ideas!

~Ashley A.~