Hello Wonderful WA's,

I've just been trying to incorporate my training here by posting consistently to my social profiles. I increased my frequency at posting on FB, G+, & Twitter.

I received a warning from Google + about spamming.

I belong to a group at G+ that is about Travel. I'm a traveler and so it's been a group that I've been developing. However, I know this group is anti-spamming.

So I'm sure I received the Spam notice from someone there.

My question is...

A). should I remove my membership from this group? Then continue to share my content and WA links as normal to all my followers that I have meet through this circle.


B). Should I just stop sending this circle my notifications?

I'm not in love with the group, it's nice, but my focus is on creating a successful business here at WA.

Any thoughts? I don't know what to do.



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bryonbrewer Premium
G+ is pretty good at flagging stuff as spam, so if you dropped a WA affiliate link then it was automated.

I used to moderate a community and things that caused G+ to flag something as spam for my moderation were particular links, or also posting frequency, so if you've been doing it a lot, just scale it back a little.
tmaltz Premium
So after Jim's WA discussion link. It's clear that Google + doesn't allow posts that are direct WA affiliate links. They are all removed from my profile and I posted today and yesterday.

Your site posts/articles are fine. I think my Amazon link was fine. But nothing that has my.wealthyaffiliate.... See Jim's comment below for Welshy's discussion on this topic.

It's clear now. Link shorten your direct links or just don't directly promote WA affiliate links at Google +
tmaltz Premium
Thanks Jim
CarlaIves Premium
What are you posting to your group that would be considered spam? G+ is really antsy about spam and if you're posting a blatant ad, they consider it spam. I haven't had problems posting my reviews and blog articles. I also post a lot of other things, too. If you think someone in the group complained, maybe you should stop sending things to this group. I think I'd ask them how they feel about it. Good Luck!
tmaltz Premium
Hi Carla, I did have one amazon ad that I posted last night. It's the first time I did it on any of my social pages and so this would make sense.

I just worry about loosing my Google Plus account. Don't want to jeopardize that.

Other than that, just my own blogs and WA training's.

So I should be ok

goodsuccess Premium
One ad is too many to be posted to any google+ group. Legitimate posts with useful content in your niche will usually work. I would not post any ad whatsover. Just my opinion.