I have downloaded everything I am supposed to, but cannot get any sound on the videos. Can anyone tell me what I should do about it, please?

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Supernonsens Premium
Need a solution for no sound on video custom menus. My speakers are working fine, Yes, I did check them first.
spro Premium
I have no sound for two days
How do I solve this ?
Bizkid55 Premium
Thanks everybody I'm working on the problem now I have Google Chrome so well see how that works! Thanks again
chelletrina Premium
Hey Alex,
I have never had any problem with sound, I use Google Chrome and IE and a variety of browsers on my cell phone. I agree with whoever told you to PM Kyle, or Carson if he is sending you the videos to watch. It's probably something really simple and you'll kick yourself when someone solves it for ya.
Good luck,
GazFinch Premium
I had this same problem,Kyle told me to use Google Chrome and it was fine after that.
LondonLeigh Premium
Hi Alex,
Having more than one browser might help. If it doesn't work on one, it may well work on another. I have IE and Firefox as back-up. I find the videos work on IE. I haven't tried viewing them via Firefox.
Hope this helps,
All the best,
chrisjames1 Premium
maybe there is a problem with the browser site see if you can contact them for assistance. sorry I could'nt be more helpful
Should work on all browsers. Who is managing this site?
Do they view these discussions? Probably not.
onmyownterms Premium
Commenting to close this out from the unanswered question queue, this Starter Member is no longer active at WA.
I get sound on most videos except vimeo-- Vimeo is crap.
Probably what they are using on this site.
Maksim Premium
Did you tested if you have Sound In same Browser in Youtube for example?
Try using Chrome. make sure chrome is not muted
(if you have windows pc you can mute particular programs)
Yes, I can get sound on Youtube videos and in fact all other videos I've tried, just not these! Very strange but not much good when Carson keeps sending me videos to watch!
Maksim Premium
ok did you tried different browser? did you had a look on this page?
Yes & yes :(
Maksim Premium
hmm, weird send PM to Kyle?