In your opinion, should my about page be about me or my business? I am making a website about natural fitness supplements.

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MTavernier Premium
A good about me page has a paragraph about you and your journey to writing this blog.

A paragraph about your experience within the topic/niche

And a third about why you feel the blog will be beneficial to the reader with a call to action, either to your latest or most popular post or to sign up to your list which will then redirect to your blog
ExpatMark Premium
Jay did a very good tutorial recently on the "About Me" page.
TheCatherine Premium
searching Google for "your niche, but your niche In here" +"about page". Then you will see examples of what other people have done or just look at other sites in your niche and see what they have in their about page to give you an idea
JohnGreg08 Premium

You can also add/ introduce your best pages on your about me page.

If you are able to gain their trust after you have introduced yourself, then they are likely to go to you other pages.

Hope that helps
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - both really. A general introduction about yourself and why you are interested in natural fitness supplements. What you hope to achieve with your website and how you can help people. It doesn't need to be perfect, you can edit it at any time in the future.