What are the required steps before building your Website?

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dickw Premium
Dimitri, thank you for clarification
SridharRay Premium
I did not get your question. Kyle has given the training on creating basic pages/posts and installing pig-ins. Any thing else please, you intend to ask?
wb5yjs Premium
Suppose you have a website.
How do you decide the website is a success?
SridharRay Premium
You have a goal for creating the website. For example it is to make money by selling your products or others products. To do that people should visit your site. That means you should write content. How to write content to attract people is explained in the training. So for this goal, you should make money, and hence you are having a successful website. Hope this helps you,
wb5yjs Premium
How do you determine what other people want or need so that you can provide what they desire?

Do you determine their desires before you provide your Content?

How do you know what Content to provide?
CathyS Premium
Oh Dear ... I've jumped down this rabbit hole and it is a dark, desolate, lonely, scary place.

It's not about what other people want or need. It's not about what they desire. Unless you have the uncanny ability to read every mind of the billions of people on this earth, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Stop doing that.

Instead, focus on what you are interested in. Even if it is something you know little about, you can become an expert in that niche. Here are a couple of videos for you so you can refocus and concentrate on your success instead of that rabbit hole you're headed down. These should help you: I just used the WA search bar and searched for "how to become an expert in any niche'" and lots of blogs are there to help you stay on top.

Don't go down that rabbit hole. Come back to us! :-)

Hope this helps and God Bless!
wb5yjs Premium
What-If they tell you what they need or desire so you don't have to try to read their minds?

What-If, instead of focusing on what interest you, instead you focus on what they are interested in or need?

Wouldn't it be better to become an expert in the niche that they are interested in, rather than what you are interested in?
CathyS Premium
What? Please watch the videos? All of this is explained already here at WA. God Bless!
The basic answer to your question:"How do you decide the website is a success?" is this: when the website helps you earn money.

First things first though:

Q: What IS a website?
A: It's a place on the internet where you and your audience meet/congregate.

Q: why would people spend time on your website?
A: because they find quality content there.

Q: how to know what content is valuable?
A: research what your target audience cares about

Q: "What are the required steps before building your Website?"
A: My thoughts:

1) identify a personal interest/passion/quest of yours that you would like to work with and that you're an expert in (whatever it is, don't hold back & be honest... nothing is too weird, too strange or too normal - there are always people somewhere that share similar passions) Make sure it's important enough to you as you need it to fuel your determination to be working on your website.

2) research broadly related market segments where people spend money - called market niches. (people spend money on almost everything) > search volume, popular websites, forums, facebook, see what google ads come up for certain related search queries ...

3) match one of these market segment audiences (the kind of people you would like to work with) with your personal passions you identified above and resolve to bring your angle to the table.

4) *draft* website content to that effect. Remember on the other side there will be a person consuming your content via their screen. Write in a conversational, approachable yet authentic tone. Collect 1 image from the net (or create your own) that supplements each article topic.

5) writing the final articles - begin with the headline! The headline should contain keywords that peak to your target audience's interest (the people who relate to your content AND spend money relating to products and services in that market segment)

5a) Create an about page on your site. But remember this: your website is not about YOU. It's about providing value to your audience. Help solve their problems, prove to them that your site contains valuable stuff they care about. At the bottom of your about page, you can talk about yourself a little. Share your story.

6) release your first 5 or so articles one-by-one, perhaps over a few days.

7) invite people from your target audience (or people you already know) to read your work and give you honest feedback in the comment section below your blog posts or by email.

8) thereafter continue to draft and publish new articles, based on your research or what feedback people give you. Ask for more feedback. Ask people what they want to know more of. You can write a Q/A based article etc.

9) capture people's email address by offering a good reason to give it to you.... free report, advice, software, etc... something of value to your audience. Once you have their address, you have permission to send them updates, offers etc...

10) rinse and repeat. Continue to provide valuable content and attract new site visitors. Advertise the free offer available on your site (landing page) with fb ads or bing or yahoo etc... craigslist, forums, whatever. Share your articles through your facebook feed (if you have one) - you can also create a fb page that relates & links to your website.

11) monetizing: insert google ads or bing ads into your articles/posts. Insert affiliate links in your articles. Offer products/services/solutions on the sidebar of your site, below your free email capture offer. Email people updates leading to offers contained in new articles ...

hopefully all this makes sense :-)

Dimitri Winfried Frost