How do you go about finding your perfect Audience?

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KatieMac Premium
Not sure that there is a perfect audience, however I look at forums, current trends, have joined groups with the same interests,
laurafreedom Premium
wb5yjs Premium
That is an interesting training about a "Marketing-Method" BUT what I am looking for is a method of determining where my target-market is "hanging-out".

As a silly example, if you wanted to sell "Jelly-Beans", where would you go to find people that wanted to buy "Jelly-Beans" ?

What method would you use to find where these people hang-out?
Defiant6 Premium
You know I kind of have the same question, where do you find those people that are looking for the product or niche your site is geared toward and want more information and want to buy? Forums and stuff are good, but I find that for my niche and the forums I visit are generally those who already have the products I recommend or review.