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NemiraB Premium
Consistency and optimism:)
KatieMac Premium
very good article thank you for sharing
dickw Premium
The goal.That is the target and the persistance to pursue. Napolean Hill tells us that persistance is the most vital after the goal. This was from the 500 top industrialists that he interviewed during his lifetime.
grampamike Premium
Patience and persistence is my mind set.

I'm prepared to be stubborn as a pit bull holding on to my dreams.

I'm never afraid to fail. Failure has been my greatest mentor.

I enjoy a challenge. If something doesn't work then I regroup and come up with a new plan. I think outside of the box.

I place a premium on being unique. I always ask myself, "how is everyone else doing things and what can I do to be different?"

Last, I trust my own judgement even if it means going against popular opinion. I'm not afraid to be a trailblazer.

One more last, have fun. Developing an online business is hard work. However, if it is fun then all the work is just another form of play.

By the way, the link you provided is spot on advice.
wb5yjs Premium
It appears that you & I have pretty-much the same Mindset.

Thanks for reviewing my suggested Link.

Maybe we can Mutually-Benefit each other.

Stay in touch,

Wally Wiki
TheCatherine Premium
Mike could not have put it better
grampamike Premium
Yep, you just proved my point. Geniuses like us think alike.

Yes, let's do keep in touch. I'm always interested in mutual sharing. I don't know everything and I'm eager to learn from a fellow genius.