Hello everyone! I am freshly new here and trying to figure out if this is for me or not. I would just like to know if the first website that you make on WA is a blog for yourself? Is that how this starts? A blog where you have posts about your specific niche and then once it becomes more reputable, then you start adding links and such to products for companies and that is how it gets monetized? I appreciate any feedback I get from this. Just trying to get an idea of WA before I decide to dive in.

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Dale123 Premium
Why not dive into the training & determine if it's for you by giving it a try. There's no better way to test something than to try it.
TheCatherine Premium
Yes that it it. You build a siterubix site and then carry on with the training, add quality content and then later purchase your domain(the only fee you have to pay)
Affiliate marketing is scaleable you can earn as much as you want
Thank you for the insight!
AbieAJ Premium
Yes you are allowed create one siteubix subdomain wordpres blog to go along with your training

Follow the training and apply what is taught all is explained within the lessons.