What must be done first to have success with Online-Business?

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TheCatherine Premium
Taking action
stevemiller Premium
katkatskitchen,I totally agree :-)
stevemiller Premium
Take Action, work hard= success, in any business
TheCatherine Premium
Absolutely just find a way to get it done don't let any challenge standing your way
kmer6 Premium
The learning is important, I agree, but the most important law of success is knowing what your customer wants. Once you know what they want, then you can best decide how to fulfill this want.
Petitpas Premium
Agree - it's learning, learning, learning all the way. Just follow the training and gradually everything falls into place. One foot in front of the other and don't look too far ahead, that's what I do.
pmanning Premium
Well, as I'm still counting my time here at WA in weeks rather than months I don't know if I am under-qualified to answer this...! I would have to presume that there are a few steps, and therefore the first law would be follow those steps!
- Set Your Goals
- Understand that those Goals are entirely achievable
- Follow the training
- Work with the community of mentors that have been there and done it before you...
- Persist
- Be open to learning
- Have fun with it!
In the couple of weeks I have been with WA, I have joined as Premium, been made to feel genuinely welcome, set up my first website and got my teeth into the training!

Please let me know if there any laws-of-success I am ignoring!