I am new to affiliate marketing management and I am looking for the best way to find new affiliates to promote products. Any tips?

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DaveSw Premium
Hmmm, I would use several methods...You can add your products or services to sites like JVZoo, Zaxaa, Share-A-Sale, etc.

These are basically platforms where affiliates or would-be affiliates come to with the idea of finding products they can promote and make a commission on.

The advantage is that you will get instant exposure to a massive amount of potential affiliates. The hard thing to determine is if they will effectively do the job...

There are ways to filter out the ones that obviously would not work, as on through setting terms and conditions for them to meet prior to getting your approval.

You can also set up your own affiliate promotion program directly on the websites where you are selling your products and services. You can introduce them to your program and refer them to one of the platform sites for easy management of your program...

If you are just starting out, my recommendation would be to use these in place, tried and true systems, as they have proven themselves over time.

This way your focus can be on building sales, not making sure the affiliate program you have designed is working.

Let me know how things go and best of luck!

Dave : )
Thanks for the reply Dave!
I am definitely looking to promote products on one or more of these sites within the next week or so as soon if I filter which site is best for which products :)

DaveSw Premium
Great Liz! Let me know how things go! Cheers! Dave : )
JohnBochtis Premium
Click on the green "Get Started Here" Button. everything will be explained to you in detail there.