What is the best Question to ask your Readers?

People feel a need to Reciprocate.
If you do something for them, they want to return the favor.

So, use the following ‘Format’ to ask them Questions:

“If I _____________, would you _______________?


“If I tell you about a great, upcoming Event, would you be interested in attending?”

“If I told you where to find the answer to your Problem, would you take a look?”

“If I gave you a free ebook, would you read it?”

“If I reviewed you website, would you review mine?”

“If I joined your mailing-list, would you join mine?”

“If I told you what I just discovered, would you be interested?”

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Nessa60735 Premium
The one question I always ask my readers is that if I could ensure their success, would they trust me? You would be surprised how many of my readers and followers like that lol. I like the idea of the eBook as well since I am a writer myself. These are very good questions to ask.
wb5yjs Premium
The main point was the Format of the question… not the examples.

Use the Format to develop your own examples to achieve your own Results.