What is difference between Google Keyword Tool vs. Jaaxy (free version)? Do they come up with same results?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, Andy got you covered.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
Jaxxy does everything you really need and Keyword Tool does everything you don't. See with Keyword tool it tells you the most searched for terms related to your business. The terms you would want if you were a big company competing with other big companies for dominance on the best search terms. It will give you a high competition term with 30,000 visitors a month instead of showing you low competition keywords you can tap for FREE.

Jaaxy helps you with information that allows you to find search terms with traffic in your niche that have lower competition and are easier to rank for on your own without having to pay to compete. I personally combine the information from Jaaxy with competition information from Ubersuggest to get great Intel for writing post that rank but Jaaxy can do most of the job on its own.
countrylife Premium
Hello Andy and thank you for the comprehensive explanation I really appreciate it and has learned from your experience. Wishing you a terrific day.