I've been looking at my Google Analytics and I'm trying to determine what an acceptable bounce rate should be for my site - any ideas?
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RJScot Premium
Hi D. A bounce rate is indicating the % of visitors who only visit one page of your website. Depending on your niche you may want to spread out the topics that answer your visitors needs over several pages. Using internal links you can guide your visitors through a sequence of pages. This action will lower your bounce rate. [I have a 1 page website for by 1st siterubix one so I expect a very high bounce rate - near 100%].
ESeagrave Premium
Yep, I agree with Michelle - Anything under 50% is great. Try to keep it below 50% by adding things to your site that will really grab peoples attention and draw them in. Good luck! :)
Michelle04 Premium
Hi. They say that the normal bounce rate is 50%. Anything under that is great, above that is not so good.

The more content you get your site and the more internal links you provide for people, you should begin to see your bounce rate go down if you can keep your visitors from just coming to their landing page and then leaving your website.
floridajf Premium
Maybe this might help you make your decision. An Unintended Cause of Higher Bounce Rate...