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Hackerist Premium
In plain English, how to earn a commission promoting other people’s products, that’s Affiliate Marketing. Most of the people who are in affiliate marketing have a blog where you insert affiliate links. If a visitor clicks on one of those links and buys that product, you earn a commission.
TheCatherine Premium
Affiliate marketing is the ability to connect the seller of a product or service with potential buyers. Because businesses always need new leads in the form of customers they will pay a commission to bloggers who introduce them to new customers.

The training here is based on building your own blog or website and then driving free organic traffic to it. Eventually you can have a full-time living doing this.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - affiliate marketing is promoting products from the likes of Amazon through your own personal recommendations. If people buy something, you earn a commission.

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform which teaches you to build a website. Yes, you will need to add blog posts, as that is how you attract visitors to your website.

You will be taught how to write, if you have not done this before. Think of it more as chatting to a friend. It is not like writing a school essay!