Honesty moment,

I'm not an active member here. I haven't been for a while. I started here a number of years back because I wanted to create an independent income. I didn't stick with it. I wasn't consistent. I abandoned it altogether. I wasn't 100 percent committed. About six months ago I spent £4,000 on a credit card to take a course about property investment. I am now part of a community related to that. They are an amazing community too. As are all of you girls and guys.

The problem was it was just before lockdown and the coronavirus. So I lost my job and since then I have been struggling, unable to find work. On top of my credit card debt I also have an overdraft of £2000. So altogether around £6000 in debt.

I know that there is no such thing as a "get rich quick" but I do need to create wealth reasonably quickly... I want to create wealth no mater what. No matter what it takes. I am all in. I have burned the boats at this point. Call me crazy… but I'm not going back. I will do whatever it takes.

In terms of the property game I don't want to abandon ship again to pursue a different path... I have no money to invest but that is not a problem. I have plenty of people who have approached me and assured me that the money is there to joint venture in renovating property if I can find the deals.

The problem is I can't find the deals... or at least it is incredibly difficult without having any money to spend on marketing my business... I have been chasing my tail for 6 months. 🙄

So I thought of an idea... what about combining the two? I can set up and host a property investment website here on wealthy affiliate and with community support and training (which is indeed amazing) I can get a good ranking for my investors website by writing content. This also helps me to learn and educate myself about property even more as I do it.

I can promote affiliate links for property investment training with other companies and maybe even other peoples businesses. The money that I make doing that can be put towards marketing my own separate business for "home buyers" to find deals to joint venture with other people.

So… After that long winded explanation my question is simple… How long would it take before I could expect to make money from affiliate marketing here? If I was 100% committed? Would two months be a bit optimistic?

Even a few hundred pounds extra would be amazing... I could put that towards serious marketing.


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SerenitySwan Premium
Some great comments and thoughts to consider here everyone thanks. Multiple income streams is possible. I just don’t want to be dividing my time and focus on too many things. I will need to consider if I want to do this long term then as my main focus with property deals on the side. Cheers.
TheCatherine Premium
Alice, I hate to break your bubble but affiliate marketing especially relying on organic traffic is not a quick way to make money. What I could suggest that you do is use the skills that you've learned here to sell to other people.

Can you build websites for other people or can you do keyword research for other people. Do you have a talent to write.

You are more likely to get work and income in the short term by selling the services you have here on say upwork https://www.upwork.com/
SerenitySwan Premium
Thanks. I’m not looking to get rich off this though. I’m looking for extra money to spend on marketing as right now I don’t have two pennies to rub together. Even an additional £100 a month would be amazing. I could get more than creative with that. The potential for creating relationships long term would also be amazing for my business too. Six months commitment is manageable even. In the comment section someone shared their story. 0 to £3000 per month in 6 months. I am only looking for £200! So if other people have done it then why not me?
SerenitySwan Premium
Thank you for your thoughts and I appreciate them. You make good points for me to consider.
TheCatherine Premium
There is no reason you can't if you understand marketing. Last week a live chat to people had a referral to wealthy affiliates on the first day of premium.

I am saying that if I had to generate income quickly as a newbie then I would do it by selling services. At least you will get your wealthy affiliates bill paid.

Don't forget you're not paid out immediately from affiliate programs.

I'm sorry if the comments upset you they were not intended to do so
Some great answers here, really thoughful , I do sympathize totally and I wish you well. My biggest lesson has always been be aware of shiny new syndrome. WA is fantastic but I know you have to stick with it like you would do any business really. I would like to say think short term but its like working against a system that bigger than you. It won't work.

However finding a niche and really work it definately can pay massive dividends.. WA works so you could combine your niche and become an expert in that field but post and create.

I personally have a two year strategy here. Genuine good luck to you. Phil
DianeScorpio Premium
Hello from Nottingham! As you might guess, that is impossible to answer and you have received some good replies. However, the one thing you need to bear in mind is that Google treats all new sites with suspicion for 3 to 6 months and is unlikely to rank posts highly during this period.

You need to show Google that you are an authority on your subject and this is only achieved with lots of content, at least 35 posts.
Zarina Premium
It really depends on how much content you put out and how consistent you are. And depends on a niche too! And remember about sandbox time too.

In my case, I was not focused at all, so the first couple years I hadn’t made any serious income... I started putting work and efforts into my site after I was forced after a surgery and needed something to do to stay sane.

Published a lot of progress reports, but here’s the latest if you’d like to check it out and see my own timeline of events:
Aussiemuso Premium
Great story Zarina. You have inspired me to just keep plodding away. Thanks so much.