I have this idea of a niche store that sells novelty dog items and am curious if I need to go about building my website in the same manner as initially discussed or if I could open a sort of e-commerce store?

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mikewood1975 Premium
Jay is doing a webinar on Woocommerce Friday at 8 EST.
Kyle Premium Plus
Products/services and the promotion thereof will be part of EVERY website that you create, so that is quite normal.

Unless you have inventory and an AUDIENCE already, you don't want to consider an ecommerce store. Building a website, getting rankings/traffic and building a brand come before all of this and they should be your initial focus.
ownonlboss Premium
You could build a website here and install a plugin called WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a plugin that installs a product store in your WordPress site. You can add categories and products to your site and it will act as a shop.

The course material will however still be relevant because it will show you how to get visitors to your shop. And you could even build an affiliate shop system. Coming Friday night/saturday morning Jay will tell us and show us all about that subject - affiliate store.