If my spouse would like to join WA, can she join under me? So I get credit for it?

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lanesamarie Premium
If you have different IP address (internet provider) then yes, she can create her own account and you can get credit for it. But if you have same internet provider she won't be able to create an account:( hope this help...Nenita
kytely Premium
My spouse and I use the same account I don't really know why you would want 2 accounts. You already have unlimited website hosting
superspike19 Premium
Can you both be logged on at the same time? Two different pc's, but same login info?
kytely Premium
Yes in fact we are right now. She writes posts as I am tweaking the website.
Jaweda2k Premium
This is a good question.

I know my son wanted to sign up and when he tried at home it kept telling him that he already had an account. What was happening is that is was seeing the same IP address that I used. He ended up deciding to wait since school was keeping him really busy anyway right now.

If I recall correctly, the work around was to sign up from a different location that would have a different IP address. Not sure if I got that from the higher ups here or if that was just someone's thought.

Looking forward to seeing what to politically correct answer to this is.
Bill67 Premium
mmm Not sure how it works
BrokFTJFH Premium
I am not completely sure on this, but if she plans on using the account and working through the training I don't see why not.

Of course if your just creating accounts that no one will ever use just to get credits there would be a problem.

I would wait for a definite answer from someone, but that is my take on it!