Good evening from Gemany. I have already read the questions on the forum regarding this query but what is not clear to me is what happens to my website / domain?

Do I have to transfer my website to a non siterubix domain? For example from to (if available)? Or can I keep the siterubix domain name?

Do i have to put my website on a non WA hosting server?

At this point I am not thinking about cancelling but just considering my options. To be honest both my wife and I are wanting to set up online businesses and we are evaluationg WA and also SFM (Six figure mentors) to see which program will serve us best. I am really happy with, loving and leaning towards WA, but I we will make a decision in about 3 weeks which one we will commit to and I need to know of any complication regarding already set up websites. Also if anybody can share any experiences with SFM that would be greatly appreciated too.

Thank you for your help.



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Stopped in on this thread out of curiosity, Karl.
Glad to know the answer to this very good question.

Best regards
Robert-A Premium
You can transfer it elsewhere and if you don't it will be deleted from within WA after 30 days.

However WA will keep a mirror image of your site for up to six months in case you decide to return.
Enjoy your Friday.
merlynmac Premium
If you had stayed a starter member, you could have kept your site indefinitely. Unfortunately, there’s not a way to downgrade from premium back to starter. If you cancel your account, you will lose access to WA on your expiration date but you’ll be able to log into your site directly for up to 30 days. After 30 days your site will be removed.

As the domain is owned by WA, you will not be able to take your subdomain address to another host. That said, yes, you will need to transfer it to another host under a different domain if you cancel.