I"m thinking of choosing the ski baclava niche, what are your thoughts on this? thanks!

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RAFStuart Premium
What a different idea, could do well.
TEETENG95 Premium
Ski baclava niche is a good idea, it will bring different surprises, I will support your niche. Keep going!
JohnWard Premium
I think it’s a great idea , the only thing is it’s a winter sport and you might not get any traffic until October- April .dont get disappointed it will work. Best of luck
tpace778 Premium
that's a great point that I didn't think of. Thank you john!!!
KeriVickers Premium
your definately going to want to choose a niche that your passionate about and having knowledge about it is also key. If your into winter sports then ya that will most definately work for you. The best part about niches is it can be whatever you want.