Hey all,

There are so many things that people struggle with when it comes to their websites, and I'm not just talking about newcomers here either, but everyone.

For me, I struggle with CSS and other code at times, and I also often struggle with exactly what to put in the sidebar, which images work best for banners and so on.

How about you?

I'm thinking there are various topics that people could need help with, and would like to know.

- Pages vs Posts
- Static homepage vs Blogroll vs Hybrid (slider + blurb + latest posts)
- Menu/Navigation/General site "usability" (lots of "ility" words in IM)
- Sidebars and Footers (what to put in them, what banners work, link to vendor pages or link to review pages and so on)
- To put adverts on your site or not
- What size images to use, and where to put them in your posts/pages
- Contact forms
- Email sign-up forms
- Email autoresponders in general (automatic email messages "dripped" over a few days)
- Code and Code and 01100011 01101111 01100100 01100101 (That's binary for "code")
- Free vs Premium Themes
- Choosing good themes in general
- Plugins and widgets
- Anything else I didn't think of.

So basically I'm not talking so much about the actual marketing of a site, SEO, or traffic generation (although let's face it, the quality of your site does contribute massively to those things), but instead the site itself.

What things make you go "Aaaarghawahfs" ?
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Lady Susan Premium
Same problems here, I just changed my theme because my site looked terrible. I am on this site at least 15 hours a day every day..I just cannot get it right. Pretty frustrating, so close to throwing in the towel.
bryonbrewer Premium
If you are tweaking it all day long and can't get it right, then worry about it later, do some writing and site promotion and so on, and next time you assess the look of your site, you'll be doing it from a fresh angle.
welshy Premium
With some of the themes I use, you have options to edit the color scheme of the site. This is something I have a hard time with and often resort back to the default setup.

I've tried some of them charts for picking 3 colors etc but doesn't seem to help me.
bryonbrewer Premium
Yeah, the more I seem to fiddle with colours, the worse it ends up looking.
Starcreator Premium
I would say my big one is getting the page to look right. What size images to use and the over all appearance of the pages or posts. Then there is the getting traffic and social media.
bryonbrewer Premium
Images stumped me for a long time, now I just tend to use one at the top, which is the full width of the page, and it seems to work pretty well.
Carson Premium Plus
I'm looking forward to this discussion Dom!

Great idea, this is going to help a lot of folks :)

bryonbrewer Premium
Cheers! So what do you struggle with? Apart from fixing Kyle's beer spills?
judebanks Premium
The technical stuff drives me crazy, including code, mostly because of the amount of time it takes to figure it out. ~ Jude
bryonbrewer Premium
Yeah totally. I find I can sometimes "troubleshoot" code by picking at it, but I can't generate it at all.