I'm just starting and I have not come to an idea on what to write on this section.

Knowing that my niche is Body Art and more concretely my focus is to provide new design and ideas for Tattoos.

Thanks in advance!

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nathaniell Premium Plus
Are you following bootcamp or the "Get started here" course? I don't think there's a "getting started" page in the regular course. Bootcamp is only for folks that want to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

The regular course is here: I think the first content you need to create is listed in this lesson here: Let me know if that works for you!
Arcadi Premium
Oh damn, I was on the wrong place then.
Thanks for the rectification Nathaniell. I'll let you know how it works!
nathaniell Premium Plus
No problem. Glad to help :)
BushiAntz Premium
Well, you could talk about how to get into the industry, but a getting started page is not for every niche so you don't necessarily need to have one.