I personally love the support and training here at Wealthy Affiliate, I am sometimes overwhelmed at the vast amount of training here. I feel that there is no other place online that offers so much for such a reasonable cost.

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softwind Premium
Absolutely the best place on the internet. World Class courses and a very integral organization to back it up. Also everyone here is so helpful to one another. We are all very fortunate to be part of this family.
Karyskis Premium
I couldn't agree more with you.
Jason T Premium
I Know Mark You make a good point. Where else can you get this kind of training for such a deal. I was just interested in what other people thought about the community here and all of the perk's.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Jason - it can be overwhelming - but you get to know your way around, how to search for information, how to blog, you build some rapport with other members - you get outstanding help when you ask for it - and hopefully in time, you're able to give some help to others who need it.

I don't think it's a reasonable cost - I think it's a steal (and I know the costs are relative to what you can afford - so I mean no disrespect to people who find it difficult to manage the costs - it's not easy to come up with the monthly fees) - but if you were to go to college/university and try to get a marketing degree - how much would that cost? I don't know the answer, but I suspect it's 100's of times more than the costs here.

You've joined a great community of like minded people - and I'm really pleased you seem to have noticed that so early on.

Al the best Jason,

hart48 Premium
There is no other place like WA. The training is awesome. Nothing is left out. And, the support community is like none other. You've got it down. Glad you enjoy WA as much as me.
Jason T Premium
I really do the support here is Great..