Hey y'all

Really simple questions or not !?!

We all have struggles and it takes guts to make the grade and reach our goals. Have you been or are you up to the challenge?

Where do you see yourself in 3 months, 6 months, one year or even 5 years form now with affiliate marketing? What are some aspirations you long have desired?

How hungry are you?

If needing help, jot it down. There's a whole community behind you awaiting.

Your input, feedback, time and effort would be greatly appreciated.

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JosephC00 Premium Plus
Over the next three months, I see myself posting three to five articles per week on my websites and continuing that for the next year. After a year, I will reevaluate things regarding my website and then either continue as I have or make changes to my plan in order to reach my objectives.
BrightSales Premium
I'm trying out various affiliation methods of getting close to my goals. I'm in the testing phase. One sale here and there is something but not everything which I would want for my goal. The point is to see what's more effective to keep and what's not. That's why it's important to learn and apply as much as we can to get to the optimum level of our goals. Thanks for bringing this up. All the best!
DaveBuckley Premium
I would say that I am more than happy to make a passive income lifestyle, hence my site is https://passive-income-lifestyle.com However Abie, I need to prove to myself that I can do it first. I have chased far too many shiny objects and this has been a real failure by myself to myself
Laertes Premium
Hi AbieJ!...I am preparing my site for a long time goal, the result may not be seen today or tomorrow but I know it will be working soon because several of my fellow doctors here are able to appreciate what I did to my website...and I forward and share to them my links and they read about the articles that I wrote. And I was so surprised that they like it. And frankly speaking, i'm very proud of what I did. I will write another article and will publish in wordpress soon but I may write another post first in WA later.Thanks AbieJ!

YvonneBray Premium
Hiya Abie
Where I see myself in the next 3 months is completing OEC
In the next 6 months is doing BootCamp
I see myself God Willing here in five years as Ambassador like you Abie.
My aspirations is to help others to achieve their goals, answer questions, offer advice.
How hungry am I? Well if I don't perform I won't make any money on my website.

Really long term is my vision.
YvonneBray Premium
What I mean is we will be Ambassadors together.