I will name the methods that come to my mind. Tell me others, I'm missing.

> Advertising [like Adsense] - (I don't like this one)

> Blogging-For-Dollars - [Some folks claim great results - How about you?]

> Affiliate Marketing - [Most popular & possible, most effective - Your thoughts & results?]

> Selling Products/Services from your Website - [Testify & Elaborate]

> KDP - Kindle-Direct-Publishing [Anyone doing this? Thoughts & Results?]

> FBA - Fulfillment-By-Amazon [Anyone doing this? Thoughts & Results?]

> Merch-Shirts - Designing & Selling T-Shirts (I don't care for this one.)

What other Methods can you add?

Maybe we can get some Group-Discussions started about one or some of these & help each other.

Want to join in?

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theresroth Premium
Special gifts of writing and poetry with great images,- for the special occasions of people's loved ones.......
jaytech Premium
Although I'm not doing this yet, I plan to do online guitar lessons eventually. Plus I'd like to start writing guitar tuition books for kindle, maybe also as PDF's to sell directly from my site :)

I've also dabbled with revenue share sites and have earned quite a bit the last year and back ten years ago I worked with an online MLM and did exceptionally well at one point. So here I am at Wa starting over from scratch, I did it before so I'll do it again :)
JudeP Premium
Freelance writing :)
Loes Premium
I am not doing this but:

Selling pictures
Developing websites

Curious what else comes up