I am wondering if I can/should create a website here to funnel people/leads into an existing website I have (recently just started with a company - so basically a business opportunity/make money)...or if I should be building a site(s) to create a new revenue stream. Thank you for any and all input.

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keishalina9 Premium
hi Garrett .... best wishes on your recent wedding! ....

And a Big Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium....

Good question and all questions are good ones here.....

Yes, is the short answer and it's also an awesome learning & building platform for your new online business and to scale it to Success!

If you already have an existing website and it's a successful one then of course, you're likely to want to keep it going ....now if it's been built on WordPress, you could have it moved here to WA for hosting should you wish .... it's all possible and of course, the decision is yours to make as the biz owner.

yes, Kyle & Carson, the Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founders have created an amazing platform and perhaps it might be best to explore further the training, tools, advanced weekly webinars by magistudios (Jay), resources that are all included in your WA Premium membership .... to help you make a well-informed choice ... we are all very pleased as Premium members here with our experience with this platform ... great value and the best value that can be found on the internet to date....

all the very best to you for every Success, cheerio .... :)
Dale123 Premium
You can promote whatever you like from your website, whether that be a "biz-op" or something else, such as products from Amazon.

The training here can be applied to any niche.
AparnaBansal Premium
Anything is fine Garrett. If you already have a site, it's not essential to make another.
You could go ahead and improve upon the one u have.
But I do suggest doing the training right from the start because Kyle covers all sorts of things including great SEO tips all the way.
anusuya1 Premium
You can and should build a website. Publish content, learn through the offered training to make money.
AbieAJ Premium
You can build both with a premium membership, however we suggest you start with your own niche, and later built an MMO (make money online niche) referring individuals to WA platform to become premiums. MMO niches are far harder than own.

As a starter you get one siterubix subdomain that's valid for 60 days, you can stay a free member indefinitely however resources will be limited.

As a premium you can make use of your .com domains and hosting within WA - Here's a comparison chart and an upgrade link



Hope you find the above helpful, however should you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask further.