In general, would you say that there is more opportunity for ad revenues over the long run if I create 10 sites, versus only creating 1-2 sites, but focusing more time on those 1-2 sites? Obviously, I know that my niche choice and content is key to this. But, if I can maintain a daily organized schedule to manage and update with posts on ALL 10 of my desired sites....wouldn't that bring me more opportunity to earn revenues? I am just trying to establish my long-term goals. I am only focusing on learning all that I can during creation of my first site so I can use it to build additional sites here. But, my passion is not related to my first site. I have other expertise niches that I would like to build sites for and proceed with them.

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Dmtorre Premium
If you have that kind of time to invest into 10 sites and you can create good useful content for all of them. Then yes 10 is better but if you are just posting small articles that are not helpful in any way then no 1 blog is better with great content than 100 sites with no helpful articles.
HSanctuary Premium
@Dmtorre thank you for taking the time to respond to my question! I want to understand everything about websites at a level that I won't have to correct too much in the future, however, I understand that it is an ongoing process of change, tweaking, adding content, etc. I feel like my first site is an experiment to figure out what works and what doesn't. So I have been searching in training to learn what is not as easily changeable. Suggestions?

For example I would like to put out a few sites with different names to see which name is better, but then what do I do with the domains and site names I don't want anymore?