Hi, I don't see options, but only for editing in classic view. I wondered why templates would load and look unready. For example the real estate site I tried setting up antonwillions.siterubix.com was looking very dull with certain templates. The one I have in now is ok, but really wish it was a bit easier like the all in one agency builder. Is that option any good anymore or what's up with my settings. The templates just don't seem to load to great or is there something I'm doing wrong.

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feigner Premium
maybe worth looking at the astra theme - with the starter pack plugin - you can then see what the block editor and a couple of the pagebuilders are capable of.
try it out on a test siterubix site - one for each pagebuilder and see which one you prefer
if you can - i haven't tried them yet - but using the block editor maybe the quickest loading speed.
if you have a vision of what you want - work slowly towards it - but get some content down on your main site
good luck