Hello Kyle! I would like to talk to you personally. I'm just a newbie and started 10 days ago and I'm pretty sure that this is the the opportunity that i have been waiting 8 years ago. I should have known this a long time ago but anyways, I had this idea about doing affiliate program here in the Philippines. of course with your support. Would it be possible for me to build a social media page naming it WA Philippines? So when i start my bootcamp training i would focus mainly here in the Philippines. Philippine is a third world country so my vision for my kababayan ( my Filipino citizen) is to help them change their life without leaving their family. Many Filipinos go around the world not because they like to travel, but because they need to support their family here in the Philippines. The reason why is because Philippine Government sucks. Do you think you can support your family with a salary of 150 dollars a month? It's a BIG NO. If you had read my very first blog post about my life you would understand why WA is very important to me.. It is my business now. I'm hoping that you would response to my message. thank you!
- Randyford

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Triblu Premium
Hey Randyford,

Your question did not go to Kyle in a private message. Instead, you selected to share this in a classroom where other members can come in to help by answering the questions that we know how to help with.

Thought you would want to know rather than simply ignoring you.

When contacting Kyle https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/message/kyle regarding this issue, you could select "WA Affiliate Program" so that you will receive a blank textbox that will be clearly labeled as "Contact Kyle or Carson". This way, your message will arrive in Kyle's inbox.

Hope you find this helpful.
randyford28 Premium
Thank you!