What are some alternative ways to promote WA without going all out in creating a website that promotes WA?

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Dale123 Premium Plus Featured Comment
Buy a megaphone & shout your referral link from your window.

But seriously, if you're not going to go "all out", why bother at all? You'd be best off just focusing that attention on your current niche site & growing that.
BooBish Premium
LOL Well, not everyone is interested in having website that promotes WA.

Just wondering if there are simpler ways that may not make as much money as having a website with helpful content but still make a bit of money.
I-Pedro-I Premium

"megaphone & shout your referral link from your window"

Still needs a website + a type of pretty links plugin or at least subscribe to a service such as click.org or builredirects so people that ear can remember the link.

LiveOnLeyte Premium Plus
No one requires you to have a website that promotes Wealthy Affiliate or anything else for that matter. However, 99% of the people who come to WA are looking for help with affiliate marketing via websites. Its kinda like the reason WA exists.

There are no shortcuts, 99.99% of the easier way garbage seen on the internet are the failed dreams of lazy people. They just package them up in a pretty box and sell them to suckers.
BooBish Premium
All right, no shortcuts, important to keep in mind.
DValentine Premium
Hey Jean
OK, ways to tell others about WA that doesn't involve writing up a website:

1. Create videos - place a link in the description then use the audio tracks as...
2. Podcasts - link back to your videos from your podcasts. Tell people about your podcasts through...
3. Free ads (they are out there)... if you can't find them then...
4. Put a magnetic sign on the sides of your vehicle
5. Sponsor a local charity event
6. Hold/host a breakfast/lunch/dinner club
7. Put your affiliate link in your email signature
8. Put your affiliate link on all your social media profile pages
9. Place ads (with your affiliate link) in your local shop window / local noticeboard
10. Write a post on Medium dot com and include your affiliate link
11. Place your affiliate link on all your home stationery.
12. Write a press release
13. H.A.R.O. - (Help A Reporter Out) - local papers are looking for material to fill their columns.
14. Be a guest on a local news channel
15. Be a guest speaker on a podcast
16. Host your own business event
17. Buy a roomful of promotional items from China - pens, pencils, keychains, travel mugs etc. with your affiliate link on them
18. I'm beginning to scrape the barrel bottom now.... make embroidery badges and sew them onto your clothes
19. Tattoos??

My brain's gone all mushy now
franknrob Premium Plus
There goes that UK humor!
countrylife Premium
That's a nice list.
Thank you
JeffreyBrown Premium
Jean, you can always put your affiliate link on anything that you write!

eminentcopy Premium
As everyone said, it's a bit difficult.
But some sites and Facebook groups allow you to share your affiliate links.
But first, you have to contribute to the discussion and, along the way, recommend WA.
Pinterest also allows you to share your affiliate links.
You can try this out.
All the best.
feigner Premium
you could do as Dale says and locally market WA...
if you know anyone locally that maybe interested then what about setting up a meeting in a coffee bar to discuss the possibilities of becoming members ....
there are plenty of free ads sites...but i would be directing those back ot a landing page or pages showing hte benefits of joining wa rather than directly here ...or even with a freebie to gather emails and creating a campaign which ends with joining wa after warming them up....
you just need to be a little creative...
a couple of years ago i met a couple while out walking on a mountain and we had a discussion about worknig online...
what i didn't have was any business cards to give away...so always carry these....you never know when you may have the chance to help others....
you can also drive paid traffic to your landing page or site to 'shortcut' the wait or amount of content ot rank organically...
so learning fb ads or google ads or bing ads maybe the way to go...
it will cost money and can be a steep learning curve...
it will be a tap you can turn on when you pay rather than working 24/7...
but you have control of when it is enabled...
BooBish Premium
Yes, those are some interesting ideas. Except paid ads, will omit that.
feigner Premium
paid traffic is the fast way to get traffic....not always the right traffic but....
good luck Jean...