Hi everyone. I've been reviewing member websites lately and one of the pages I always look at is the About Me page. During my time at WA I've had others give me pointers and I thought they might be useful here.

Introduce yourself - Hi, I'm....

Include a picture

Tell us something about you

Tell us why this website and why you are writing it

Many of your visitors will read this page because they want to meet the person behind the URL...and they want to know that you are human and not something spun or spammed.

This is your opportunity to be open, frank, and honest...which leads to trust and engagement. These are just a few of my thoughts. What are your thoughts or what other tips do you have for others to create a personable About Me page that establishes trust?

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Dan R. Crouch Premium
Rich, good advice and Thanks for sharing!
Rick Jantz Premium
It's one of the first pages I go to and I often review my own and do some tweaking.
coolcity Premium
A word of warning.

A couple of years ago a buyer wanted to return an item he had broken, 9 months after purchase. This was a physical item, not an affiliate link, worth around $150.

Anyway long story short, I refused to refund of course and he took the matter to Court. However because he was based in Scotland and I am in England the laws are slightly different, had he been in England I would have been able to submit a written defence but as it was in Scotland I would have had to travel there to defend the claim. The cost to travel to Scotland and defend it would have been around $300 (which wouldn't have been refunded in full had I won, which I would have).

So I just let it go, had a court Judgement filed against me because he claim was granted undefended. I didn't pay, and he sent in the court bailiffs.

I "got away with it" because I used a different name on my website (I'll tell you why in a moment) and the address I used was that of the self storage place where I hired a unit - the owner was OK with this.

The reason for the different address was that it made far more sense to have my stock delivered there than to my home, and it was quite a cool address from a business point of view. "Unit 1, City Business Center" looks far better than "342 Boring Street". also any advertising crap in the post got sent there. It was perfect.

The reason for the name change was entirely different. I was CONSTANTLY hounded by sales people trying to sell me stock - one particular morning it got past 10 a.m. before I even got started on any work, I was so busy fending off salesmen mostly trying to sell me avertising.

I also had problems with a couple of scammy advertising agencies sending me bills for advertising that I had not ordered.

So I took my name and phone number off the website, and "invented" a virtual Customer Service Manager (CSM) called Mark Dobson. I still use a virtual manager today, and it is "his" name, not mine, that will appear on my website for the above reasons. Now nobody can scam me because they don't know my name.

Another issue I had was people leaving bad reviews on review sites. That happened a couple of times too, one said I - Mark Dobson that is - had been foul and abusive on the phone...I had never even spoken to the guy! So I changed the CSM name and told the review site (truthfully, ironically) that we didn't have anybody named Mark Dobson working for us - and I got the review removed.

The truth is you can be as honest as you like but you will be dealing with people at some point who are anything but and will do anything to try and bring you down - even things like people leaving bad reviews about your site on review websites can do you a lot of damage so you have to protect yourself, and it's an awful lot easier to do that if you don't exist!

Sorry but I'm just telling it like it is. No way will you ever find my own name and photo on my website.
Zaragozana Premium
Holy cow, Coolcity! That's incredibly sobering. For some time I've been worrying about privacy and how much information to put on my About Me page.
Rick Jantz Premium
I agree, we have to be careful and feel comfortable with what we post about ourselves. Thanks for your words of caution, this is very important for people to decide what they post.
Jenna7 Premium
When I was brand new to creating my "About Me" page, I was rather uncomfortable with showing a personal photo online.(I still need to update my WA profile photo, lol) But I started using one a few weeks ago on my website. I had decided that I was serious about creating an online business, and I wanted site visitors to know that I was real and that I stood behind what I wrote.

I know that I feel more comfortable visiting a page when I can see the profile behind the person or business.
Rick Jantz Premium
Exactly, we check out other sites but then want to learn something about the author. Some are uncomfortable and might use a picture that says something about them or their business but then go on to give a great bio so we buy in. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks :)
tommydillard Premium
Its all about branding yourself as the kind of person that they can depend on and trust.
Rick Jantz Premium
I agree. A high percentage of my traffic reads this page and I suspect will feel more at ease about my site when they read it. I know I like to view this page when I'm surfing because I want to know "OK, who are you and why should I trust you and not the other person".