THANK YOU for coming over - My site problem has been RESOLVED :)

When I updated the Wordpress version and my Theme, the entire side bar contents disappeared.

How can I do updates safely in future?

Thank you.

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TheCatherine Premium Plus
Always back up your site before updating and definitely once a week
MarionBlack Premium
If your sidebar looks like the attached image click the icon at the bottom. For the future you can back up your website ~Marion
Loes Premium
Have had that too one time, but it was temporary, cleaned up the cache, cookies, and started up the computer again, and all was there again, when it is staying a problem, you can ask support, they have a backup from your entire website.
JeanR Premium
I just updated my WordPress sites, no issues. Like said might just be temp. Try log out then log back in, sometimes that works..
GemAngel777 Premium
this may just be a temporary glitch, try refreshing your page as updating wordpress and your theme shouldn't cause any issues like that as the themes are wordpress themes.