Does anyone know how to make sense of Google AdSense Homepage?

This month it says I have $19.47 and a balance of $87.67. My threshold is $100. Why didn't they add the $19.47 to my main balance so it would equate to the $100 threshold?

Such a simple simple thing and yet nobody knows. I mean, why couldn't or wouldn't they just add a small link for training purposes? Surely they'd know people aren't going to get it?

Screenshots available -

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ParthaB Premium
Balance is simply what you have earned PRIOR to the current month.

Everything in Estimated Earnings (Day, week, and month to date) are your earnings for the CURRENT month.

If you do not meet the threshold on a monthly basis then this month's earnings will be added to BALANCE on the LAST DAY of the month.

This is also the reason that all the stats for the current month are called ESTIMATED EARNINGS.

They will not be confirmed until the last day of the month (Google is constantly running checks for irregularities, click fraud, unexplained spikes in traffic, etc.)

You'd be surprised by just how many people try to cheat the system.

This is why your current month's ESTIMATED earnings can never be confirmed until the final day of the month.

In effect, you haven't actually earned any money this month until Google's checks have been completed.

michaelvgATN Premium
Mate, thanks so much! I now know everything I need to know to understand Google AdSense, and hope this now helps others in order to earn more.

Cannot believe how hard it was trying to find this information.

Thanks again.

michaelvgATN Premium
Hey, in Google AdSense, in the Estimated Earnings section, does the "This Month" section include everything in Estimated earnings, or will everything in Estimated earnings be added to "This Month" when it goes over to balance?

I know, it is so tricky to understand.

I'm just sitting here wondering if what I earned today (today so far) also adds to This month as it's being earned? Get it?

Same with "Yesterday" is that amount also included in "This Month"?

Because if it's not, then I'll have more than what "this month" is actually saying (when it all updates)?
phil1944 Premium
I don't use AdSense but knowing Google, I suspect the $19.47 is money you've earned but it's not yet eligible to be paid as Google probably holds it for some time to allow for chargebacks etc. If I'm right, it's just a matter of waiting.
michaelvgATN Premium
Yeah, I know, I just want to be dispersed for this type of stuff, you know what I mean?

I mean, I even went through all the earnings since the last pay and it didn't add up...

Now I'm sittin here sifting.

I'm seriously thinking maybe there's something wrong with it, but they don't have time to do anything.
phil1944 Premium
None of the big online firms seem to have support staff that can actually understand an issue, let alone resolve it.
michaelvgATN Premium
Yeah, I've seen that before as well.
CountessCtry Premium
Summation goes over.
Villageist Premium Plus
SUMMATION is correct in English?