Hi, on Nov.30th my credit card was charged for renewal of your subscription fee. I did not authorize automatic renewal charges, and I have not been able to use your services at all for months and months because I have not had the time. On that basis I did not want to renew my subscription at this time. Please refund my credit card for the recent charge and respond as soon as possible. Thank you

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ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Honestly, you probably did authorize it and didn't pay close enough attention. You're best bet is to contact site support.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - by signing up to premium membership, you agreed to automatic, recurring payments, as detailed in the legal terms and conditions of the platform. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription.

You now need to cancel by clicking on your profile photo, going to account settings and subscription. Scroll down to find the cancel billing option. You have to do this yourself, nobody can do it for you.

Ordinarily, there are no refunds, again as per the terms and conditions. However, if you believe you have exceptional reasons, you need to contact Kyle. He is the only person who can authorise this.