Hello everyone,

I'm not brand new here, but I've been away for awhile. When I came back, I tried accessing my website. No matter what browser I use, I keep getting error messages like this:


Can't reach this page naturalherbalhealings.com’s server IP address could not be found.

Search the web for naturalherbalhealings


It's almost as if the website no longer exists. The domain name is active until October 2020, so that does not need to be renewed.

I am able to see the content within WA, but cannot open the website from the link as I was able to before.

Is there something I'm missing here?

Thank you for any help in advance! It is greatly appreciated!


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Lex666 Premium
Contact site support
Crepuscular Premium
Will do, thank you!
AparnaBansal Premium
Sirte Support will surely have a backup with most of what u had on your site.
Crepuscular Premium
Thank you so much for your help.
MarionBlack Premium
If you haven't kept your WA membership current then your website will have been removed from the servers. Contact Site Support and ask if they have a backup that can be restored.
Crepuscular Premium
That makes sense, thank you for your help.
EmakAmelia Premium
Hi Sarah,

I am sorry this happens to you. I clicked on the link and I could not find your website.

Please contact the Site Support.
Crepuscular Premium
Thank you! Appreciate it!