I thought I had it decided until i started researching the topic/product i picked for my niche. I realized i dont have enough knowledge to be able to have enough traffic on my website because i wont have enough content. So, to my understanding there are two different kinds of niches, those who are looking for information and those who are looking for merchandise. Its obvious that having a niche for product sells will have more traffic then those looking for information. My question is, how do i draw my audience attention and promote sells at the same time when i want a niche that is more so for information then for sells???

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Starrlett Premium
I agree with KatieMAC a combination should suffice. I'm not sure what your niche is but you may already have some leverage without realising if your niche is unique. You say you don't have enough knowledge to build content/traffic, research and learn more about your niche. If you're good at something people will pay you for it, if you set the right foundation with your website (meaning traffic worthy content) you'd already have won half the battle, find some quality products and people will purchase your recommended items because they entrust in you.
KatieMac Premium
I think its a balance of good content and selected products in your chosen niche
Jen090 Premium
Hi Charlotte, welcome to WA, and thanks for sharing this topic re niche. My webs site is more info, but I've managed to share physical products along the way. It's a blog, not a retail store. So if you're more into sharing info, then WA is definitely the place to be. We're in the business of promoting whatever we want, with affiliate products alongside our business - that's why we're here at Wealthy Affiliate. Information is keeping at a fast pace as physical products at present. All the best to you.
DNTL Premium
Hi! I don't have many tricks under my hat for now, but I know you can definitely combine the two by doing reviews.
You can give information about your subject and make suggestions/reviews of products that are related to it.
This way you have info + products = sales.
Rick Jantz Premium
Hi. I wanted to share a couple of links with you from very successful WA members. Hopefully they will provide some insights and help for you.



These are great posts and should help you focus on your niche and how you can monetize it. Hope they help.
CharlotteH39 Premium
thank you for the reply rick :)