Im doing a domain transfer my question is where do i fin d the transfer code ?

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dsmarketer Premium
You typically would get this code from the domain registry you currently have the domain held. I had a couple through Bluehost so if you do to let me know and I can walk you through the steps to transfer it here!
jghwebbrand Premium
If you are only transferring a domain name and not a developed website, it is easy.

You can point the DSN from the place where you purchased your domain name if you wish that is easy.

At the site where your domain name is held the DSN can be changed to point to WA hosting servers.

\WA hosting DSN Servers
Enter the two WA Hosting nameservers


Pointing GoDaddy Domain Name To WA Servers Transferring Your Domain From GoDaddy (In case this is who registered your domain name.
IsabeloJ3 Premium
AndrewMichae Premium
Hi Frank,

Here's more information about how to do this: In the first instance if unsure, check with the support team at your provider.

Hope this helps

All the best
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You can log in current registrar and fetch the EPP authorization code under your domain or else contact registrar support.

there's a one year charge of $15, privacy included. One year more will get added to your domain.

Also domain must have passed the 60 days grace period to enable you to transfer it.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
The process can take up to 7 days, however if you want it sooner, you can instead point your domain to WA servers

To update your domain DNS settings to point to WA. Here are the DNS settings.

These settings will be updated within your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain)