Ok can someone please help me?
I did the background on my webpage but you have to scroll up to see the about me part and all so is there a way I can change my whole background and start over?
I would also like to know is someone would be kind enough to visit my webpage and let me know if my writing is good too?
Writing was my worse subject in school I never could get it

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MikeMahaffey Premium
I can definitely see from this that "YOU CAN INDEED WRITE"! The most fun part of creating content is the idea that YOU ARE NOT WRITING FOR SCHOOL TEACHERS.

All you want to do when it comes to writing posts is - exactly what you did here. Simply move your thoughts from your head to the post EXACTLY AS IF YOU ARE SPEAKING TO A FRIEND.

The key is by no means punctuation and grammar, or even spelling, and do not listen to people who say otherwise. ( unless of course you are writing for grades from the "grammar police".)

I find that I must read a lot of post online as I research various topics to write about, and with that reading comes a naturall learning process of how to write. The more you write the easier it becomes. Grammar police don't even have a badge!
smartketeer Premium
Hi Angela,

For opinions on your site you should use the Site Feedback platform.

Regarding the background issue, check out this training to see how can you change it