I was thinking; what if there could be text only tutorials? What I mean by that is a Tutorial without a video. For my own reasons; I don't want to make a video right now. So, I am just wondering; if it would be possible to introduce text only Tutorials to WA? And I am not meaning to guilt anyone. But, these would be great for those deaf and those that speak other languages; I think in Browsers there is a Translate option. I will mention too; when trying to make a tutorial in text only. The Tutorial App is troublesome. It is very troublesome to try to use the tutorial maker to make a text only tutorial. And as said; this may be helpful from some Members with language and or hearing problems. Thank you in Advance.

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mcb247 Premium
Text tutorials are fine if your content is good enough you will always have readers. Note you can always add images and videos at a later date if needed too, nothing is set in stone.

michaelw777 Premium
Yes, but the problem is making a Text only Tutorial; if you want; try it out yourself and get back to me; first it asks for 1000 words or less. Then it asks for four pages. But, if you try to do the four pages: It doesn't go through. Any Member who doubts this? I would ask that Member try to do a Text only Tutorial; and tell Members on here and Kyle and Carson. I found it impossible to do a Text Only Tutorial on WA. So, if a Member doubts? I ask that Member to try it? And tell at least Kyle and Carson.
TheCatherine Premium
Michael I have lots and lots of text ony tutorials with no trouble at all