Hi Kyle,
im really happy to be here as part of big family, i roll and roll the course and i, stuck in somewhere.
when i build my website they ask me what name of my business ? i dont have one yet.
then actually (sorry for my stupid questions)
what is the website?,
what the website for?
what is the blog? whats for?
Sorry, im working in the kitchen what i know just knife and chopping board, i dont know about IT but i wish i can do online business.
Somebody told me we build the website isnt build the shop, thats make me really confuse.

Could you please explain to me with the easy language then i can properly understand .

Thanks you so much

Siti jamilah

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may use your personal one by the time you have a domain, then you can use the domain to register a webmail or forward to a mailbox.


Please note you cannot have this facility with a siterubix subdomain if that's what you are currently using.

I can see you completed level one of the OEC coursework, have you been ticking the checklists bottom of lessons. They are tasks and activities asked of you to set up properly and guide you through the process.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You can have a blog, an ecommerce store or both.

However, WA is a learning platform to teach you how to build a progressive successful website for affiliate marketing.

Essentially you are writing more informational posts so that you do not sound so salesy to Google and if there’s a solution, a detailed analysis review post for your visitors to let them make an informed decision whether to go click your links and go purchase the focused item you proposed to solve their issue.

You could divert traffic to own store or merchants stores, totally your choice how you want to pursue your business.

Hope this helps.