I need a theme that suggests Wilderness and two or three sections for different wilderness scenes. is there anything like that? Or, should I just select a generic theme and try to refine it with proper imaging later?

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gcress72 Premium
When just starting out with your site it is best to not worry a lot about themes and appearances. Easier said than done, I know, did it too. For now, focus more on content. There are some great themes that you gain access to with premium membership that will allow sliders and to add header pics to pages and posts. After about 13 posts and going premium is when I delved more into sprucing up my site. Sadie is beautiful by the way!!
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - as a starter member you only have access to a few themes anyway. You will be adding your own images later on. It is best to start with something simple as you are training.
Duckman4 Premium
Thank you Diane. I will take that advice and press forward as suggested.