Hi everyone who reads this

I just wrote my first 'about me' post for my website organicdogfoods.net
A little party is convenient haha :-p

Just wanted to ask if some could have a look into it just to receive some feedback. Newbie insecure feelings poppin up... :-)

Thanks a lot

Kind regards

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JHuron Premium
I read your about page and I think its really good. The only thing I noticed is that you claim to not be a professional. I dont think people need to know that. Though, I think it was good that you suggested that they should check with there veterinarian.

Overall, I think its a very good about page and I hope you do well!
JorisVerdo Premium
Thanks a lot for the feedback. Yes with mentioning not a professional I mean in sense of not being a vet or animal nutrionist. :-)

I did some research on 'competition' and they are mostly vets or graduaded animal nitrutionists. I don't want to come over I have all knowledge or being accused of anything if there are issues with some food they bought. I think the honest and open way is the only way... So I don't feel I am a scam and they do not see me as a scam,,,

Kind regards
Harper10 Premium
I will Joris, I've just logged in. Doing my rounds. Don't worry, your post will catch up. Start, on your next blog, this is the perfect distraction. Be back soon :)
lucbizz Premium
Welcome fellow Belgian , Joris . Wish you an enjoyable time here, building your successful online business. I will take a look and give feedback via private message. :-)