What is the best way to establish some initial revenue while learning what WA is teaching.

Is there a way to get some cash-flow started before going thru all the WA steps?

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rosieM Premium
Excellent post....wonderful ideas!
PhyllisE1 Premium
I surely would like to know the answer to this.
MarionBlack Premium
I sometimes wish that this was a "get rich quick scheme" but it's not. We all need to follow the lessons and build a website (or two) before we can start monetizing. Perhaps you could write articles, join fiverr.com or elance.com. ~Marion
wb5yjs Premium
It is really not necessary to WAIT until you have a website. See my comment about the "Robust Process".
divadebbie Premium
Great idea Marion this is something I have never though of doing!
kleblanc13 Premium
Excellent question... I look forward to seeing the answers (I'm stumped)
divadebbie Premium
I am earning residual income thru fiverr gigs and selling individual Amazon products.
wb5yjs Premium
I use a "Robust Process" That Will Give You All This?

(Your Rivals & Friends will be shocked & will want to become your Customer, Partner or a ‘Member of Your Tribe’).

You Can Use This Process To:

- Introduce yourself
- Grow you business
- Obtain & Qualify more Leads
- Engage your audience
- Build the Relationship
- Stay in touch with ‘Them’
- Feed ‘Them’ good, relevant Content
- Avoid the appearance of being a ‘Sales-Person’
- Get ‘Them’ to buy more & more frequently
- Have ‘Them’ “Know-Like-Trust’ you
- Be seen as ‘The-Go-To-Person’
- Have ‘Them’ look forward to your emails
- Get ‘Them’ to share your stuff
- Have ‘Them’ provide referrals
- Get ‘Them’ to respond to your ‘Call-To-Actions’
- Extent ‘Their’ Buying-Cycle
- Increase your ‘Wallet-Share’ from each client
- Recruit more Clients
- Produce more Streams-Of-Residual-Income
- Improve your Retention Rate
- Improve your ‘Open-Rate’ & ‘Click-Thru-Rate’
- Do Surveys to discover ‘Their’ Wants & Problems
- Announce your Services, Projects & Events
- Send Promotions, Reviews, Reminders
- Convert ‘Leads’ into ‘Customers’
- And more…

This “Process” is NOT Fancy, Complicated or Technical.

Just fit it into your ‘RODA’ (Routine-Of-Daily Activity).

I will be teaching this "PROCESS" using the "L.I.S.T." Principle:
L. = Learn
I. = Implement
S. = Share
T. = Train

Let me know if you are interested.

Wally Wiki-Tips

P.S. See my other Post at:
divadebbie Premium
I am interested please send me the details
kunalbhadana Premium
Can you elaborate how you doing and what you did