Hey everyone,

I am sorry to perform this message but I am wondering what it means.

If anyone knows whether this is bad for my visitors please let me know.

I have made a PDF ebook and now I’m sending the link to my email through Elementor to test the new page out.

Upon getting the PDF through email, I get this warning sign saying:

‘malicious emails often link to this site’

I have the screenshot.

The thing is iv done everything by the book and only use top not technology to make my business, example: Wealthy Affiliate, Canva, is.gd link compressor, Elementor, and all social platforms.

I know it’s to late now, but it’s just a bit embarrassing if this message is going to show up in people mailboxes.

So yeah, I’m making an ebook and I wanted to test out how I’m going to send it, which is through a landing page made by Elementor, and this was the warning message :/

Thanks for reading, and I hope someone is familiar with this type of segments throughout the stages.


Michael V.

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J-KWest Premium
Hi Michael, I think I may know what the problem is but I've been down a similar road before and it feels like a kick in the gut. You can definitely fix it and from experience I can tell you, you'll look back and think it wasn't a big deal, but that's not how it feels when you're fixing it.

Also, you should get a second opinion to make sure the problem I suspect... is actually the problem. I could be wrong. Hopefully it's just a setting you can change.

Having said that, if it's what I suspect (and I hope it isn't)... I do have some experience... BUT my opinion is only one.

As you know, trying to figure out a lot of these things is a guessing game... all I can do is explain what I found and my thought process of how best to fix it.

The issue may be with your domain name. The warning "malicious emails often link to this site" is interesting because it indicates there is history with your site. But chances it's your site are slim.

It's more likely your domain name, and it's history before you owned it.

I had a look in the the internet archive and I've attached a screenshot. It looks like from 2008 to around 2013 your domain was actually owned by another Wealthy Affiliate member.

Around 2014 though it was picked up a Japanese owner possibly. I can't understand what they're saying in the screenshot, but it looks like your domain was being used as a Japanese weight loss site.

The fact that weight loss is completely unrelated to your domain suggests that this person was buying domains that already had backlinks and authority and was trying to use that domain authority to promote weight loss drinks and supplements possibly.

There are legit ways to do this. People buy domains with solid history all the time and build quality site in a niche that's related to the original. It's not unlike a company buying up some smaller companies that bring with them clients, experienced staff, equipment etc.

But that's probably not what this person was doing. Prior to 2014-2015, which you've probably heard, a lot of people were trying to game Google's algorithm.

Most likely the person who owned your domain at the time was buying links and doing all kinds of shady SEO tactics and it's quite possible that this Japanese weight loss site (using your domain) was caught up in Google's Panda update in 2015 which pretty much wiped out everyone who was was using these spammy SEO tactics.

That would have left your domain with some unhealthy history.

Your domain also has a pretty high spam score (8) according to MOZ which I'm certain has nothing to do with your site specifically, but rather the past history of your domain.

And it would explain the warning message you're getting.

So how do you fix it?

Well... that's the part that sucks.

The cleanest fix unfortunately is to buy a fresh new domain and use the WA "move site" feature... but I can imagine everything you're probably thinking right now and I absolutely agree, it just sucks.

The move is pretty simple though. It preserves all of your content and it's actually just a few clicks. I've done it a couple times.

But that just gets your site moved.

The next issue will depend on whether you're getting a lot of search traffic.

If you are getting solid search traffic from Google, you may want to reconsider moving to a new a domain and try out a different funnel/email service first to see if that solves the problem instead.

Or, you can do the site move and by default your old domain will redirect to your new one so any links you have out there pointing to your site will automatically be redirected.

The problem with that is you may be carrying any issues your current domain might have over to your new one.

Some good news though... if you're not getting much search traffic now, you may have inadvertently discovered the culprit. It could be your domain's history that is causing the problem.

If that is the case, and if you do choose to move to a new domain (and this is a big decision so please get a second opinion)... and you suspect this could be a reason you're having difficulty getting search traffic... then you do NOT want to forward any of your existing domain links to your new domain. You'll want to make a clean break.

The problem then becomes all of the external links you already have in place. If you have a lot of social media posts for example, you'll have to make sure all of those links are changed to your new domain individually rather than forwarding them from your existing domain to your new one.

But again... before you do anything though, I recommend you go to the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine), put in your domain name and go through each year checking out various snapshots to make sure what I found is correct.

Maybe I made a mistakes when typing in your URL. I copied and pasted from your site, but still, you want to double and triple and check.

You can also sign up for a free MOZ account and I think that will give you specific reasons for the relatively high spam score.

You can also check your domain's backlinks to see if there's anything shady going on there. If you have a lot of low quality and what appear to be spammy backlinks that could be a problem. Google is pretty good at ignoring those types of links today (to discourage negative SEO tactics where people are sending low quality links to their competitors)... but the existence of them would further suggest there is a history of spammy tactics with your domain before you owned it.

I hope I'm wrong.

Again, it's not all bad. If you've been struggling with search traffic, a fresh domain with no history (or even a good history) will likely solve that problem. Not immediately, but it's a much better position to be in long term.

The other thing... if you've ever thought of different branding ideas since you've built your site, this may be a good opportunity to implement those.

Having gone through a handful of sites I always try to remind people that what we're doing here is building our skillset... not trying to knock it out of the park with our first (or even second) website.

All of your content, all of your comments, your social media followings and most importantly... your skillset are as strong as ever.

If this does turn out to be the issue, you're only adding to your experience and your story which is a HUGE asset that you can't buy in this business. You can only earn it. And your experience and your story is why people will follow you and trust you.

Anyway... I hope that I'm wrong but if you're still running into a wall after trying some other solutions, your domain could be the issue.

Not sure if any of that helps and I'm really sorry for bringing it up but it's better to know that to not know.

MichaelGulik Premium
Thanks heaps mate, im new to this so i have no idea what it means...
MichaelGulik Premium
Hey guess what, i looked in the footer of the guy who started with it in 2008 and guess what??? he was an affiliate of WA here! hes got really old pics of Kyle and Carson .

I wonder what happened to him, im actually starting to think its going to be better because of age and the backlinks...

The spammy site that bought it after him only connected 1 landing page to it and left it like that for years, would have just been their small company...

We shall soon see, i cant wait for kyle to see this lol.

Thanks again,

Michael V.
J-KWest Premium
Hi Michael, that's very true. It could work to your advantage.

The best thing to do is check your backlinks. Whenever I've shopped for expired domains I always used more than one tool to check backlinks. Majestic, Moz and SEMRush would consistently give me different results so you can kind of piece them together. Although I'm not sure if they have the free trials like the used to.

And sorry, when I saw your question and Gmail specifically saying "this site" it threw up a red flag and made me think your domain might have some history.

I hesitated to answer because I know what it feels like to find out there may be an issue with your domain. I had to start from scratch before. Mine was a copyright issue so it's a little different but it did feel like being kicked in the stomach. I could have kept my site but there was potential of running into problems down the road so I spent a week sick about it and then I just made the decision.

But anyway, you may be right about it being a good thing.
MichaelGulik Premium
oh really, so you had to start again? yeah im hoping within the coming months Google starts remembering who it is and starts really giving it to me.

Because my domain has been owned before, is Google going to take that into perspective overtime therefor rank me with more authority than what i would have with a brand newy?
CanadianKen Premium
Not a solution but a temporary fix. Can u make a note in email to ignore the message, saying you are working on resolving the issue.